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So what are the costs...

Upfront -Paid to IAM Roadsmart

Contribution toward Observers Running costs

On the Anniversay of your joining

What Your Get

  • On road training with a skilled WaBAM observer


  • A copy of the course material


  • Your Test Fee paid


  • 1st year's IAM RoadSmart membership


  • Access to IAM Surety insurance


  • A year's subscription to the IAM magazine


  • 1st year's membership of WaBAM


What it costs -£149


We ask that you make a contribution toward the running costs of your volunteer Observer, at the rate of £10 per session (maximum seven sessions payable), don't worry if you need more sessions these will be free

Annual membership of the IAM RoadSmart (the National Organisation), currently £33.75 (for members and continuing associates or £49.00 for Fellows (those who have signed up for tri-annual retesting)


Annual membership of WaBAM (the Local Group), currently £12 (for both group members and continuing associates)


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