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Registered Charity No 1113042

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Why Join us?

Ever had one of those heart-stopping moments on your bike? - a near miss!!


Had a break from biking and need to get back up to speed?


Looking to take your skills to the next level?


If you live in the Bath, Swindon or Salisbury post code areas and you are interested in improving your riding so that you enjoy your riding even more, WaBAM can offer cost effective, one-to-one instruction that can help.


There's no classroom work - it's all done out on the road.


Why not come along to one of our Taster sessions (see above) and see for yourself?


Upcoming Events

Our "Try before You buy" Taster Sessions

Open to anyone interested seeing what its all about

See you at the Burger King, Chippenham

(A350 south of J17, M4), we're there between 9.30-11.30am on

13th May / 10th June / 8th July /

12th August / 9th September / 14th October


14th to 16th Sept 

Wales Weekend


Member Rides - open to Full Group / IAM RoadSmart members only

Aug 19th / Sept 16th / Oct 21st


Group Rides -open to Group Associates + Full Group / IAM RoadSmart Members

Sept 2nd / Oct 7th / Nov 4th


A Little about Us

WaBAM is the local IAM RoadSmart affiliated bike group that covers Bath, Swindon and Salisbury post code areas.


We're a mixed bunch of people, but with one shared passion - riding bikes - all sorts of bikes - sports, customs, nakeds, scooters, trailies and tourers.


WaBAM has over 35 qualified trainers who operate all year round. So if you want to ride through the winter, it’s not a problem. Although we draw the line at ice or snow!!


The whole idea is to pass on the essential skills needed to make safe, smooth progress in all road conditions, and help you to avoid common mistakes and bad habits.


The riders we work with have a first time sucess rate of over 96% when taking the IAM RoadSmart Advanced Motorcycle Test (which increases to 100% if a retest is required).


WaBAM is a registered charity: everyone of us is a volunteer and an enthusiast.


WaBAM also has an active social calendar, including monthly group rides and evening meets. Some members organise trips, both in the UK and abroad, whilst others get involved in running the group and attending local events.


There is always a friendly atmosphere and we work on the basis that there’s always something new to learn, and we enjoy riding bikes!