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When we believe that you have reached test standard we will advise you how to apply for your test online. You will then be contacted...


The Examiners are either serving or former police officers, trained to Police Standards, or highly experienced IAM RoadSmart members who have achieved the Master's standard. They are also motorcycle enthusiasts and want you to do well.


The test can take up to 2 hours, the main part being a riding assessment of about 45 minutes in a variety of road and traffic conditions, including manoeuvering at walking pace. Very similar to the rides you did with your Observer. You will be assessed against a standard set of criteria and will be told on the day if you have been successful, along with your scores and a very thorough debrief!


A sucess automatically gives you full membership to the IAM RoadSmart, with additional benefits such as the the potiential for reduced insurance premiums. You will also receive a pass certificate to prove your riding is of high standard.


Once you've qualified there's further training available, perhaps you would be interested in helping the group along by training to be an observer.


A number of our members are also of Blood Bike Groups (locally Freewheelers and SERV). Having an advanced qualification from IAM (or RoSPA) is one of the requirments that these organisations set for potential riding members.



The IAM RoadSmart test